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Chefs Fight Poland 2014 -Culinary Contest

added 25/09/2014 14:33

Chef`s Fight Poland 2014 is the first edition of the National Culinary Contest for Chefs who are not afraid to take challenges and who appreciate a fair competition.

The title of the 2014 edition: 1st National Culinary Contest in Preparing Dishes Based on Beef from Podkarpacie.

Subject of the contest:
Main course: beef
Dessert: chocolate


Time and place:

data: 24-25 October 2014 roku

place: Rzeszow Shopping Mall's Event Square

address: Al. Piłsudskiego 44, 35-001 Rzeszów



To promote culinary traditions of the Podkarpacie Region; to discover and promote culinary talents & personalities, as well as to discover new trends of Polish cuisine and search for new, original ideas for combining flavors.
The goal of the contest is also to promote beef originating from the Podkarpacie Region. Its beef is a product of highest quality and unique properties resulting from methods of cattle rearing. Natural grazing of animals on ecologically unpolluted Bieszczady and Beskidy mountains' grasslands allows to obtain feedstock of highest quality, perfect for cooking.


Contest organizers:

Hotel Rzeszów, Marshall of the Podkarpacie Region, Oranżeria Restaurant