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COCONUT OIL is currently regarded as the healthiest oil on Earth.

Did you know that COCONUT OIL, thanks to its taste qualities as well as health and nourishing claims, is widely used 
in both cuisine and cosmetics?

This oil is extracted from the kernel and meat of mature coconuts and is regarded as the healthiest oil on Earth. 
It is perfect for beauty cosmetics for skin, hair and even teeth. If you want to use such cosmetics in a semi-liquid 
form, just place the jar containing the oil in hot water.
Saturated fatty acids within coconut oil thoroughly penetrate and nourish the skin. Therefore, the oil may serve as 
an excellent moisturizing and smoothing cream. Thus, it should be used by people who suffer from dry and dehydrated 
skin. Furthermore, the anti-microbial properties of lauric acid also make coconut oil effective in clearing acne. In order 
to get rid of pustules, you can rub the oil into your skin as well as add it to your food in place of other vegetable fats. 
In addition, coconut oil provides your skin with protection from the sun as it possesses the same properties as SPF 10 
In "Journal of Cosmetic Science", specialists assert that coconut oil also has positive effects on hair. Triglyceride 
of lauric acid is similar to proteins found in hair and thanks to its low molecular weight as well as simple linear chains, 
it can penetrate deeply into the core of the hair.
Furthermore, coconut oil also includes compounds which whiten your teeth. As a result, one can prepare toothpaste 
on its basis. Just mix coconut oil with baking soda, powdered egg shells (for optimal calcium and magnesium proportions), 
xylitol and essential oils, such as mint or cinnamon.
As for cuisine, coconut oil can be used instead of butter and can be spread on, for example, bread. Furthermore, you 
can also use it to prepare pastries, cakes and chocolate desserts. Due to the fact that coconut oil dissolves at the 
temperature of approx. 26 degrees C, it can also be used, in considerable moderation, for salad dressings.
Beneficial and stable effects of using coconut oil can be observed only after regular use. Recommended daily dose 
of coconut oil is balanced between 3 and 4 teaspoons. 
This high-quality vegetable oil contains high levels of both lauric and caprylic acids, the health-promoting properties 
of which are beyond value:
–  it not only does not contribute to increase of abdominal fat tissue, but by supporting your metabolism, it helps 
you lose fat!
it is a vegetable oil, therefore it does not contribute to cholesterol deposits
it is perfect for people suffering from diabetes as well as people struggling with excessive sweets cravings
it rids your body of parasites and yeasts
it indicates strong anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, it does not destroy your natural bacterial flora 
(such as antibiotics do) but is effective in combating harmful bacteria and viruses, and it supports your immune 
system by increasing your body’s immunity 
it prevents and supports in treating numerous digestive diseases and is perfect for maintaining healthy intestines
it is one of the factors supporting the prevention of osteoporosis
indicates anti-inflammatory properties, also in external usage
it prevents cancer 
it firms your skin and makes it more flexible – it simply rejuvenates 
it supports the absorption of vitamins and microelements from your food
as indicated above, it is good for your heart
it help you regenerate after physical exercise and gives you extra energy!
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