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Miso Soup


- 3 small sachets dashi broth
- 2 tablespoons of miso paste
- 2 tablespoons of seaweed wakame
- Thick chives
- Soy sauce (to taste)
- Udon noodles
- Shitake mushrooms
- (Often added and equally matching will be tofu)

Step by step:

Bouillon powder - dashi pour hot water and boil for a while. Soak shitake mushrooms without legs, cut into thin slices and add them to the broth. Then add the pasta and cook it for a moment in the soup. To the finished broth to add seaweed, previously crushed.
Then remove the soup from the gas and add the miso paste - DO NOT COOK PASTA (lose health benefits). Season with whole soy sauce.
At the end sprinkle with chives. Bon Appetit!


Products used in the recipe: